Decentralized mobile eCommerce platform with no big brother, no fees and no restrictions with 5 patents

This is not eBay, Craigslist or Amazon
This is better

No middleman, no servers, no data collection. We put the power back in the users hands.

Private & Safe

No big brother, no central server, no personal information capture and no data mining. Resilient, cant be disabled. Your product store will be online until you and only you decide to shut it down.

Easy & Tidy

It's easy to buy and sell on Stuffgogo. Just snap a picture or video and post it for sale. Get a top dollar for your stuff starting auction with one click. Integrated payment methods, including Bitcoin and most Altcoins.


For most users, products and services it’s free for both buyers and sellers. No commissions, no fees. Arrange for local pickup or pay online. Smart algorithms protect you from fraud.

SGG Token

You can use Stuffgogo token (SGG) to pay for your purchases, buy internal domains/tags, promote your listings, use powerful seller tools.


2016 - Q2 2017

Research & Proof of Concept

Idea to use cellphones as a server-less ecosystem to run distributed apps came to us few years ago. Early in 2016 we started building mobile eCommerce app which will be free of surveillance, will have no fees and no restrictions with integrated crypto payments. We called it StuffGoGo.

Q3 2017

SGG Token

We self-bootstrapped development of application and already created beta version of product for both iOS and Android. To enable transaction insurance, in-app premium services, micropayments and reputation management we introduced SGG token.

Q1 2018

StuffGoGo MVP Deployment

MVP of application deployed to Apple App Store and Google Play Store with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters and build the ecosystem.

Start of the marketing campaign and app support.

Q3 2018

StuffGoGo 1.0 Deployment

Full featured app v1.0 available to download. Multi-crypto wallet integrated in the app, auctions, domains, promotions and paid listings enabled with SGG token.

Extended marketing campaign and 24/7 app support.



Minimum viable product (MVP) that will allow basic buying and selling operations will be available for download on or before Q1 2018.


Initially it would be iOS and Android, released at the same time. We are working as well on thin client that will enable access to the platform from any modern web browser and Chrome extension.


(1) Dual-side deposit with SGG tokens of value adequate for transaction cost and risk of transaction. Tokens would be released back to buyer/seller upon agreement that everything payed and delivered as promised. (2) Community-elected moderation for a fee to moderator. (3) Moderation by StuffGoGo (going to be franchised)


SGG is a pure utility token designed to power functionality of StuffGoGo platform and enable safe and secure environment for users. SGG token inside StuffGoGo app provides: transaction insurance, reputation management, incentivising reviews and moderation, promotions and premium listing services, micropayments and payments for products and services within StuffGoGo.


No, your store would continue to be online even when your phone is OFF or looses connection with the network. Your store data securely and redunduntly stored on other devices running StuffGoGo app.


We are always happy to hear your feedback and looking for a great talent. Please drop us a line at [email protected]


Yes, you can!
Go to the “Token Balances”, press “Add Custom Token” and fill these fields for SggCoin token:
Address: 0xe2f45f1660dc99daf3bd06f637ab1e4debc15bde
Token Symbol: SGG
Decimals: 6
Same applies if you are using Mist/Ethereum-wallet, In Wallet tab there is a button "WATCH TOKEN", push it and enter Address, all other fields would be populated automatically.


System and method for peer-to-peer electronic commerce transactions risk scoring

A technique for determining and evaluating relative risk in peer-to-peer (P2P) merchant to consumer transactions is disclosed. In P2P transactions with no servers that traditionally used in eCommerce to accumulate historical data from multiple sources and provide attributes for the risk scoring, this data is not available. A P2P transaction in respect of privacy disclosure from both parties can transiently use only real time indicators for assessing risk on both sides. In the embodiment, transient data is used combined with a special smart contract token issued on blockchain (Ethereum). On per transaction basis system executes multivariate distributed risk assessment and compares it to an average risk for the particular category of the transaction. Risk score is communicated to both buyer and seller and available prior to committing a transaction to help buyer determine whether to execute transaction and which transaction fraud prevention method to select. For the merchant, every listed item has a maximum tolerable risk level of transaction and it automatically refuses P2P transaction if threshold is exceeded or requires certain fraud prevention option to be selected by the buyer.

System and method of reputation management in peer-to-peer electronic commerce

Method and system for assessing a reputation score to various entities of electronic commerce systems are disclosed herein and specifically for peer-to-peer privacy centric marketplaces. These entities comprise of buyer, seller, store, promotion, transaction physical matter or electronic media, shipper, escrows, insurers and more. A multi-parametric pseudo-physical model combining forced graph layout clustering with high viscosity fluid dynamics has been applied. Among the vectors of feature values, following are used: previous value, first and second derivative of regression function, previous human feedback, anonymized outcome history, transaction category and value, account age, token value of the account, VIP status.

System and methods for loss mitigation of peer-to-peer electronic commerce transactions

System and methods of loss prevention and mitigation for all the parties of peer-to-peer electronic transactions are described. In particular, upon the parties agreement and system approval of e-commerce transaction based on the risk scoring, reputation of the participants, and class of goods or services, system recommends a certain loss mitigation options to accompany transaction which may be mandatory or optional depending on overall transaction risk score. Particular embodiments address variety of loss mitigation methods within a system which may include direct transaction with no loss mitigation, transaction moderation or user selectable escrow service for a fee, double sided deposits of special ctyptographic utility tokens with certain monetary value and reputation risk payload, using company-moderated escrow service with customer support for a fee or a third party insurance provider.

Distributed indexing service in a peer-to-peer networks comprised of mobile devices

Distributed indexing service used in peer-to-peer connected mobile devices and in particular with applicability to a search and retrieval of information in electronic commerce system running on such network is disclosed. Context specific hierarchical indexing data structure discussed in embodiment and it's persistence using distributed file system. To overcome computational deficiencies, high connectivity latencies and limited battery power of mobile devices a methods of running clustered queries are discussed. In particular, a method of using map-reduce functions is applied to a low latency mobile peers to conduct distributed search. Further semantic optimization of search is described using natural language processing of input, semantic dictionaries and naive Bayes classifiers.

System and method for conducting electronic commerce in a peer-to-peer networks comprised of mobile devices

The present invention relates to a system and method of peer-to-peer e-commerce for use with plurality of portable digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. App running on a mobile device includes transport layer which facilitates bootstrapping, peer discovery and instantiates a series of distributed services described in embodiment. In particular, MapReduce, indexing and search, data storage, workflow engine, messaging and other services are disclosed. All business rules of e-commerce system are implemented in the form of open source smart contracts. These contracts define buying/selling, auctions, refunds and returns, dispute resolutions and other e-commerce basic workflows. Additional capabilities, such as custom stores, apps, games, group buys, automated listing services, domain purchases, promotions, paid listings, can be created by users or obtained in a catalog of premium services in a form of smart contracts with associated costs payable in internal token units.


The project team of StuffGoGo is not just a recently built one. It organically grown over last 23 years and is made up of innovators who are passionate about cryptocurrency and its future with multiple successful projects in the past including building $1 billion IPO

Vlad Tereshkov

Founder, Business and Technology

Technologist, Inventor and IP Expert. PhD in physics, data scientist, principal software architect for Fortune 500, founder and chief technology officer of multiple startups in biotech, cybersecurity and AI. Owner of a software development company CaseOS for 12 years

Yuliya Zlobina

Co-founder, Marketing, Mobile and UX

Technologist, mobile and usability expert. PhD in physics, solutions architect, mobile technology and UX guru. Designed and developed multiple FinTech and compliance solutions for clients including Oracle, Bank Of America, Merrill Lynch, PayPal, IBM

Vera Karmolina

Co-founder, Technology, Product Delivery

Technologist, Sr. Developer, manager of cross-functional development teams for many years. FinTech expert with multiple large business accounting applications developed and deployed in Russia including RUSAL

CaseOS LLC (

Development Partner

Software development company founded by Vlad Tereshkov 12 years ago. CaseOS is a team of highly motivated architects, analysts, scientists, developers and creatives with more then 17 years of excellence in delivering turn-key solutions

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